6 Reasons Why JCBL Sleeper Coaches Are The Best Choice For Luxury Travel On Indian Roads

When thinking about bus travels, most people picture the image of a State-run public bus service that seems run-down, crowded with commuters to the brim, and making a noise similar to a metal gear rubbing against a glass window. For years, transport agencies across India have tried hard to get that image to change, and commercial vehicle manufacturers have tried to do that even harder. Sleeper Coaches are just not good enough. This industry needed something more appealing in terms of quality and comfort.



Enter the luxury bus segment. These are the ones that would suffice to the travellers that want the most elegant solution to their road travels without the hassles of driving a private vehicle. Although there are many heavy vehicle manufacturers that build luxury coach buses for India, it is JCBL Ltd. that stands out from the crowd. With multiple versions within our inventory, there is something for every kind of customer with JCBL. But there are some things that make our luxury buses especially desirable. To tell you how, here are the top six reasons why our luxury coaches are the best choice for your luxury travel needs.


  • Premium Quality Builds



The best of the buses start from the beginning. If you don’t create a solid foundation to build your luxury coach bus, there is little you can do to improve the quality afterwards. That is why JCBL employs state-of-the-art manufacturing tech to create the basic chassis of the bus from the ground up. Our production facility is capable of rolling out more than 5000 buses off the assembly line each year, which is more than capable of keeping up with the national demand of luxury buses in India. Moreover, all such buses are thoroughly inspected before leaving the factory and stand firm by the established AIS 052, CMVR, and AIS 114 norms.


  • A Comfortable And Personalized Experience