All The Benefits That You Can Enjoy With Electric Buses As Part Of Everyday Life

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Electric vehicles are receiving quite a bit of popularity in recent times. A few years ago, names like ‘Tesla’ and ‘Nexon’ were the only ones popular with the general public. Now, there are electric bikes, scooters, trains, trucks, and even an electric plane in the works. Still, when it comes to intra-city travels, the bus is still the best option accessible by a large portion of the urban population. With many electric bus manufacturers in India preparing for production, this can become a commonplace phenomenon much sooner than people realize. Let’s take a deep dive into this special form of EV and try to understand the various advantages of electric bus that most people can enjoy in their daily lives.


The concept of electrifying this commuter transport for an entire city has been around for some time. Many countries across the world have already gained the initiative, among which China leads the pack with more than 421,000 electric buses plying the roads. Transportation departments of Sweden, Finland, Germany, Australia, and the USA have also realized their potential, with many working on steps to abandon their dependence on fossil fuels entirely. All this provides a big pool of data to draw from when considering what electric buses could hold in store for the Indian transportation industry.


  • Lower Cost of Operation

Pic Credits: Ebusco


Electric buses are cheaper, both to run and maintain, simple as that. This is not a marginal difference, either. The running cost of an electric bus is 80 percent lower than a diesel-powered one, which is not surprising given how electric buses work. The motor has just one moving part and almost all of the power goes to the wheels. This means that a lot less can go wrong when in operation, resulting in lower cost of repairs. As for the power, comparing the electricity costs per unit to the amount of fuel, the average a diesel bus can muster is 4 Km/l. This gets boosted to 10 Km/l. for electric buses when you consider the same price for electricity in a metro city.


  • Good for the Environment…

Pic Credits: Route One


It is a well-known fact that automobiles are responsible for a large portion of the pollutants that get released into the air. However, the less known fact is that buses, despite being less than 15% of urban traffic, account for more than 60% of the emissions. That is why it is a big step to electrify public transportation to minimize urban pollution. And this is not just for the air-borne agents, but the silence of the electric buses is a huge benefit for the people around as well, something that will segue nicely towards our next point.


  • …And the Community

Pic Credits: C40 Knowledge Hub


The advantages of electric buses extend to the community in a very impactful way. The financial strength of the electric buses can help mitigate the passengers’ travel expenses even further. On the other hand, these extra finances can also help support other public services such as upgraded waiting areas or better quality roads. The silent ride of the electric bus makes it more comfortable to the old and more sensitive members of the population. The lack of emissions also makes it easier to pull up to schools and ferry children without the risk of diseases like asthma and bronchitis.


  • Great Advantages For Infrastructure

Pic Credits: Sustainable Bus


When the going gets tough, adapting to the change becomes necessary. As the world runs out of fossil fuels, the infrastructure that is dependent on it needs to be revamped. There can be many more electric bus manufacturers in India that can ramp up production if there are electric charging stations across major cities. As more focus is put on renewable energy for public grids, the carbon footprint for electric buses can be reduced even further. Aside from enabling renewable energy production, a charged electric bus serves as a temporary power source. With the right equipment in place, a fleet of electric buses can supply emergency electricity for a hospital or provide heat in cold winter nights for a homeless shelter.


  • Safer than Diesel-powered transports

Pic Credits: Intelligent Transport


While the safety of electric buses is vetted for, there are some who fear the worst as they see viral videos of Teslas catching fire. To offer some clarity, there is a lot of difference between the design of a small sports sedan and a large passenger bus. A diesel bus has a lot that can go wrong in addition to the flammable tank that can rupture any second. However, for electric buses, the electric batteries are down low and merged into the frame, creating both a stable platform and a power source away from the passenger space. Moreover, their regenerative braking is much more effective than standard drum brakes when it comes to emergency braking situations.


Summing up, a fleet of electric buses across most of India can benefit a lot more than just the ecosystem. Electric buses are more nimble, comfortable, affordable, and safer than conventional diesel buses. We have already seen a limited deployment of these vehicles in cities like Delhi and Kolkata. Still, there is a long way to go before we can reap all the benefits. JCBL has keenly observed the ongoing scenario and shall unveil their own take real soon.


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