Can Extra Customization on Standard Vehicles Protect You?



 Armoured Toyota Fortuner by JCBL


You stay late at work to complete your assignment for the next day’s meeting. You wrap up work at 3 in the morning and walk towards your car in the parking basement.  Just when you enter your car a man with a mask on his face rams into you with a gun. He shouts at you to come out while pointing his gun at you. What will you do? 90 percent of the people would do what the carjacker wants because they know that the speed of the bullet is a lot faster than the speed of the car. And there is no other way to get out of this unpleasant situation. One either gets shot or does what the carjacker demands. 

Now imagine, what if you had an armoured car? What if you know that even a bullet cannot enter your car?  Yes, you are thinking it right! You have the edge and there is a good chance you can escape from this situation saving your life as well as your money. According to a research, it is claimed that around 40000 to 60000 kidnappings take place every year and 70% demands ransom with no guarantee of survival. In such cases, an armoured vehicle could be your redeemer.

According to a recent study, 80 to 90 % terrorist attacks occur when the victims are in automobiles. The rise of terrorism has posed a great threat to the lives of people, especially the high profile businessmen and ministers. Therefore, armouring of the car is not a gimmick but has become an essential advancement for all the wealthy businessmen and government officials. On the other hand, armoured cars have also gained lots of attention in defence. The combat vehicles which are used by the military are undoubtedly bulletproofed but they aren’t swift enough like the cars on the road. This is the problem they are facing from years but not now. With the advancement of technology now we can convert a peppy SUV into sturdy and robust armoured carrier personnel. This has solved both the problems of being bulletproof as well as a high-speed vehicle for the military. This is the reason why Land Cruiser is the most popular armoured vehicle in the world. Toyota Land Cruiser is a gem of a car. It offers you countless customization options for an unmatched safety.


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  armoured toyota land cruiser


Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, almost any civilian car can be turned into an armored fortress on wheels taking the safety to the next level. With the rising threat of terrorism, it has become a necessity. And even if you are not living in terrorism-prone countries, chances of carjacking cannot be ruled out in any country. If you have an interest in the armoured cars and also want to turn your car into armoured one, then the foremost thing you need to do is find a renowned bullet proof  vehicles manufacturers near you. When considering for an armouring company you have to check what features do they offer that can boost the safety and security of your car.

Bullet proofing passanger car have become big business , specially in country like Brazil where murder rate is 5 times than any other big countries. So, the same is also growing higly in demand even in India. With the increasing demand of bullet resistant cars price of armouring has also been reduced. Remember that your life is more precious than the cost of armouring specially if you are in kind of industry where you can expect some danger to your life then it is must for you. Whatever might be the case armourig your car is a good idea. 

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