Everything You Need To Know About a Good Motorhome Manufacturer in the Country

September 07, 2021 Karan 0

There is never a moment when we don’t feel that we could take all the comforts of our homes with us. Our living space is something that we specifically curate for ourselves and getting away from it always feels disconcerting and vulnerable. Even if you’re in the best 5-star hotel this side of the equator, there is still something that your abode has that might be missing over there. Sadly, finding the right motorhome manufacturer in India is a rather complicated task. Motorhome prices aren’t what they used to be and people often prefer settling down in a proper house rather than give a chance to a more transient way of life.


Considering the cost of an RV (Recreational Vehicle) just a few years ago, it was clear that this kind of experience was meant for movie stars and business owners who need a bit of mobility without compromising comfort. It was right around the time JCBL came up with an ingenious new idea of motorhome manufacturing. With the rising rates of living spaces, this is one option that can get you not only an abode to suit your needs but take it wherever you want with you. Now that more mainstream manufacturers have come up with such solutions, let’s take a look at the major factors you need to consider when choosing a good motorhome manufacturer in India.


  • A history of reliable heavy vehicles


Motorhomes are large livable structures built around heavy chassis. Like carry-around-a-caged-elephant heavy. So, if a motorhome manufacturer in India, claims to be any good at the job, they must also have a history of making good, reliable heavy vehicles. You see, large-sized commercial vehicles see a lot more sales in a month than motorhomes do all year. However, the manufacturing methods for both are drastically similar. It’s just like taking a peek at the kitchen before you decide to eat at a fancy restaurant. In light of that, JCBL has had a lot in their kitchen. From distinctive SAVs (Special Application Vehicles), such as mobile fuel dispensers and refrigerator trucks, to more conventional vehicles like school buses and ambulances. JCBL also has various certifications to their name, from authorized agencies such as ISO, TUV, and AIS.


  • State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities


Motorhomes are built to last for decades and include special facilities rarely seen on other types of road-going vehicles. If you are going further than the cost of an RV in India, you need to make sure that the quality is not compromised in the process. That is why it is imperative that the right motorhome manufacturer has all the tools of the trade and the best staff to operate it. Take the case of JCBL. They have a huge manufacturing hub loaded with the latest CNC equipment, ready to roll out production pieces at a short notice.


  • High degree of customization


Since a motorhome that you want to buy needs to be curated to your needs, you need to observe if the manufacturer offers a high degree of customization. It may not just be limited to a long list of features but also include high-end designing software so that you can map the layout of your mobile home in a way that feels comfortable for daily use. It may also be the case that you may not use your motorhome all the time and only drive it out on family vacations. You may also need certain medical or recreational privileges when out on the road, which is something that motorhome manufacturers like JCBL always consider.


  • Competitive Motorhome Prices



Value is a crucial aspect in determining a product’s success. And when you charge enough for a 3 BHK luxury apartment, you best make sure it has the same level of luxury. When looking for a motorhome manufacturer, it is a good idea to browse through the catalogue and see what kind of price they are offering. Sometimes you get charged way less than the competitive margin but end up with a sub-par product. Others, you get just what you need albeit way above your own budget. This is where JCBL holds proper weight in the industry. During the design process, you can observe just where your money is going and decide on the features that you need accordingly before the thing has even started at the production line.


  • Vast Service Network and Assistance Programs


A shot of the assembly line at JCBL Ltd.


Taking your motorhome throughout the country might make it difficult to keep up with repairs and maintenance on a regular basis. Thus, like a normal car, the manufacturer should have workshops and service centers in most of the places you are planning to travel to. This is one more reason why motorhomes are more beneficial than regular homes. Since they are technically on-road vehicles, you can operate them with a regular driver’s license and reap all the benefits usually reserved for cars, such as limited-time warranties. Theoretically, it is a home that you can insure. How cool is that?


All in all, the way of the motorhome is something that can provide you with wonderful experiences throughout your life. It is a way of living that is not very widespread in India and has few industries currently developing it. Still, seeking out the ideal manufacturer is not at all a Herculean feat. Following the proper research, as stated in this article, you might get yourself a decent house on wheels that may serve you for years to come.




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