How The Caravan Can Help You Save A Lot On Your Next Luxury Vacation

December 27, 2021 Karan 0

As a mood of celebrations and festivities is helping the people out of hard and stressful times, many are taking the liberty to go out for much-needed family vacation after a long while. Things is, there are still cautionary measures in place and a lavish escapade with luxury trains is out of the question, owing to the hurt that the economy has sustained in the past months. So, what is the next best thing? Simple: caravan holidays.


With the recent developments in their tourism policies, the Kerala government has made it easier for caravans to operate in the region. Many other governments are also expected to follow suite. So, you can drive an RV right from the agency to any of the caravan parks set up and enjoy the experience with your family. Of course, there are several other factors to consider in addition to the caravan price in Kerala, but in the grand scheme of things, this new way of luxury travel can help you save a lot on your next excursion. Let’s take a deep dive and find out how.


  • Caravan Prices That Fit Your Pocket


An individual caravan can be really expensive to own. Still, there are various travel agencies that are taking notice of this new form of transport and offering to rent it out at quite conservative rates, way less than a ticket on any of the luxury trains. After that, it is only the fuel costs that you have to incur and you can take it with your family to whatever destination you picked for the vacations. Which takes us right to….


  • Capability To Go Anywhere


The high mobility of the caravan is supplemented by its rugged build and robust suspension, making it capable to go anywhere from fine tarmac to rough, muddy terrain. Therefore, you can basically take it with you for any of the outdoor activities. Be it a camping trip or a short picnic in the open fields, the caravan can carry the passengers and cargo without much problem. You also get access to a lot of creature comforts, which we’ll discuss in the next point.


  • Plenty Of Amenities Close To Your Spot


Ask yourself, have you ever had a hotel room with multiple beds, a kitchen, and lounge area that you can take with you where your heart desires? Well, when you’re planning your caravan holidays, you can experience that for yourself firsthand. The JCBL Caravan even comes with ambient lighting, an HVAC system, automated awnings, and even a Wi-Fi system, granting you a piece of civilization assisting you even when you’re close to nature.


  • Customized As Per Your Need


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of caravans is how much personalization they offer. Let’s be honest, all the five-star hotel rooms of the Radisson or the JW Marriot have the same aesthetics. With a caravan, you can build it the way you choose. Everything, from the exterior colour schemes to the tiling of the bathrooms can be customized. You can even choose which power source you’ll be running the appliances with, either the silent batteries or the humming gen set.


  • Easy Insurance And Maintenance


Every time you take a vacation to your favourite resort or club, they make you sign a liability waiver, which basically relieves them of any responsibility should something happen to you on your trip. On the other hand, with caravans, ensuring safe and hassle-free travels is not only possible but also fits a tight budget. You can get yours insured easily, since it is wheeled vehicle that requires no special licence. Moreover, they are easy to maintain because they use dedicated parts. For instance, the JCBL Caravan is built on the BharatBenz chassis, so you can get a broken differential fix from your nearest BharatBenz service centre. Sure beats waiting hours on end when your luxury bus breaks down, doesn’t it?


To conclude, this new mode of transportation lays a pathway for a revolutionary new way to explore the serene countryside, and the government is all for it. With its new Keravan Kerala program, the caravan price in Kerala is already made affordable for those seeking a luxurious experience on their own terms. While there are other initiatives that support such escapades in other parts of the country as well, one thing is for sure: the caravan can create a massive push in rejuvenating the tourism industry in India.

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