Top 5 Factors That Make JCBL School Buses The Safest Means Of Commute To School

JCBL School Buses,
JCBL School Buses,

What do you feel when you look at school buses? For most grown-ups, it brings back flashes of a simple and happy time in their lives that they spent every day when going to school or a trip. While many may not understand it immediately, school buses serve a vital role in the education sphere of our country. They offer a reliable way of commute for young schoolchildren, often under the supervision of senior teachers and school staff. A bus stop is often closer than the school itself and affordable school buses are becoming more of a reality for educational institutions each day.


Paying the price of a school bus also fetches you something most parents dearly desire for their school-going children: Safety. Students are not in contact with strangers when traveling by a school bus, nor do they entangle in unwanted affairs during the ride. However, many parents are concerned about just how safe the actual bus ride is for their young ones. As a mainstream manufacturer in this sector, JCBL exercises the gold standard in safety for such buses. You might wonder how they achieve this. Well, wonder no more. Here are the five best reasons JCBL school buses are the safest in India.


  • Built To The Letter



Clinging to each and every specification defined by the Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) rules, JCBL buses are built to comply with sections 052 and 023 of the AIS that concern yellow school buses and seating. Unlike private vans that often incorporate illegal tactics and operate without a licence, you earn the benefit of legal ground when paying the price of a school bus. JCBL also adds additional measures such as CCTV and GPS tracking whilst keeping the manufacturing affordable.


  • Getting A Grip At All Times




Handling is a great asset when it comes to the safety of a vehicle, which is something quite difficult to pull off in a heavy transport such as a school bus. Luckily, JCBL buses don’t suffer from the same problem. All such buses have a long platform overhang and rollover protection to keep things stable. That is more of an advantage in smaller mini school buses, which are lighter and more manoeuvrable. To ensure safety in sudden-stop conditions, JCBL also applies ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) in all yellow school buses as standard.


  • Secure Surfaces For Kids



On the inside, JCBL is adamant about giving a safe and secure environment for hyperactive schoolchildren. That is why the floor of the bus has skid-resistant floor and seat belts so that students remain secured in place during commutes. There are protective bars outside the windows and grab rails that run along the entirety of the interior. There is plenty of space in-between seats, which is a necessity for social distancing in the age of a pandemic. JCBL also inspects for rough finishes and sharp edges before the bus leaves the assembly line, assuring parents that their kids will get to school without so much as a scratch.


  • Keep The Fire Out


Although highly unlikely, a fire breakout inside a yellow school bus ferrying children is the stuff of nightmares. However, JCBL commits to keeping the passengers in the bus safe in such a scenario. There are emergency exits to the front and back of all school vehicles manufactured by JCBL, even the Mini school buses. The interior is lined with fire-retardant PVC on the floor, roof, and the sidewalls. This gives enough time to react when fire is spotted inside the bus. Additionally, the driver-side seat carries a fire extinguisher for such an emergency.


  • Rugged And Reliable



Value is a major factor why JCBL is the ideal manufacturer for heavy vehicles. Not only are their school buses affordable but also reliable. No parent could fathom the thought of their child stranded in the middle of nowhere as the school bus breaks down. Nothing like that would happen with JCBL. All their buses are built to last the gruelling commutes back and forth from school every day. They can travel thousands of kilometres without needing so much as an oil change. The vast network of JCBL also allows for easy maintenance of an entire fleet without draining a lot from the school’s budget.


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When considering the price of a school bus, the safety of future generations is always a priority with JCBL. The perfect balance they bring to the table in terms of comfort, reliability, and performance just makes their school buses that much more eligible for the job. Such an asset is invaluable to not just young schoolchildren but also to the institution for managing logistics during the school’s downtime. Considering the twilight world we live in, this mode of transport certainly helps in making lives a bit easier for everyone involved.

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