What quality of products can you expect from an efficient manufacturing hub like JCBL?

February 10, 2022 0

“Life is what you make of it.” That is a slogan that you might have heard thousands of times, bringing a bit of hope and assurance that whatever lies ahead, ultimately, you are in control. However, it is the degree of that control that ascertains your fate. Manufacturing industries in India know that all too well. It is their control over the manufacturing process that determines whether an industry thrives or not. Some can go for decades without a major fault while others shut down only a few months after launch.


‘Efficiency’ is the name of the game here. No matter the types of manufacturing industry you consider, there is always the contrast of the output to the input that sets it up for the future. JCBL takes that rather seriously. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, a pool of talented individuals, and a consumer base of reputed clients both in India and abroad, it has settled its position as one of the premium manufacturing hubs in the country. Pretty impressive, right? All this makes it a perfect study in analyzing how the efficiency of a manufacturer affects the quality of the end products.


  • Sourced from the right material



For any manufacturing process, the quality of the product is determined even before any machine is turned on. For good quality, it counts that the basic raw material is sourced responsibly and reliably. JCBL takes a lot of pain to ensure that all material needed in manufacturing, from MS sheets to paint solvents, is from a thoroughly vetted supplier that adheres to quality control. Moreover, regular checks are conducted by engineers from the company to determine supply chain integrity.


  • One that adheres to the industrial code



A major reason for the failure of many manufacturing industries in India is the fluid nature of government policies and the periodic changes in the industrial codes that reflect the market demands of any product. For example, if a new regulation dictates that ambulances need to produce less emissions, it is up to the manufacturer to purchase better quality catalytic convertors or put in better engines to counter the issue. Lucky for you, JCBL has always kept up to date with all government regulations, adhering strictly to all codes pertaining to industrial manufacturing. JCBL is certified by ISO, AIS, TUV, and many other agencies, earning it the right to state that nothing is manufactured outside the preset norms.


  • Robust and reliable



A product that doesn’t last has a consumer base that does the same. This is where most manufacturing endeavours fail after a short while. Without building robust pieces, there is only so much you can do to attract new enterprises. Remember a few years ago how Porsche cars were catching fire? No one had any idea why and they had to reimburse each and every customer. Nothing like that is bound to happen with JCBL. Everything from large Special Application Vehicles(SAVs) to small fixtures and equipment are built to last. With over 98% of the customer base giving a positive feedback and numerous awards for outstanding reliability, JCBL has won the trust of many businesses across the years.


  • Has something more than just industry standar



Believe it or not, innovation plays an important role in setting up a manufacturer. To keep their identity unique, manufacturing industries need to challenge traditional trends and break free from their old limitations. This is also what sets JCBL apart from its competitors. Always focusing on the way ahead, JCBL strives for making its manufacturing processes more efficient. In light of that, it has incorporated advanced technological equipment such as digital CNC machines and premium design software for better interface between human and machine, which results in an increased manufacturing efficiency. Not only that, you can find unique methodologies for product development along with creative business practices to keep up with the latest market trends across the world.


  • Thoroughly tried and tested



Finally, the product is finished and ready to ship out, right? Wrong! See that suspension discolouration along the wheel of the bus, that is going to ruin the handling. Spotting like this is only possible by a keen attention to detail and a comprehensive quality check before sending any finished sample off the assembly line, something many types of manufacturing industry ignore. When a batch makes its way to the consumers, you should be absolutely certain that no fault is present in any of the pieces. That is why JCBL employs both a trained team of quality control engineers and a suite of advanced testing kits to help keep track of any misses in the process, no matter how small.


Congratulations! If you’ve gone through this far, you’ve come to realize just what it takes to be an efficient manufacturer. It’s certainly not an easy task and can really take a toll if done improperly over time. However, sticking to it can reap a lot of rewards long term, from savings in production costs to building a trustworthy customer base. These can prove to be the greatest assets at your disposal, especially in uncertain times. And if there’s anything that we’ve learned from the last 12 months, it is that times can be mighty uncertain. You might not find Star Destroyers outside your window one morning, but without efficiency from a manufacturer that your business depends on, you might as well wish for those Destroyers to appear soon.

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