The JCBL Caravan: A Major Leap Forward For Luxury Tourism In The Country

February 11, 2022 Karan 0

With its new caravan-friendly policies in place and the ‘Keravan Kerala’ in full swing, the Kerala government has taken a major step for new tourism development projects in India. This post-pandemic period has proved difficult for this sector, which requires something unique to pull in travelers from all over. The result, a revolutionary new project by JCBL, one of the country’s premium mobility solutions providers, in collaboration with Autobahn Trucking and Daimler India Commercial Vehicles. Presenting the all-new JCBL Caravan.

Built on the robust BharatBenz 1017 chassis, this marvel of transportation is designed to handle any terrain, no matter which RV vacation destinations you choose. Unlike boats and tour buses before it, the Caravan offers a new way to explore the lush green countryside, an experience that is wholly personalized and away from generic interference. For something that is entirely new for most people in India, let’s take a deep dive and try to answer some of the most burning questions that you may have in mind.


  • How mobile is the JCBL Caravan?


Most people often get confused with a luxury private bus service or a motorhome when they browse through the catalogue of various RV vacation destinations. Thing is, the Caravans provides something over your tour that most other forms of transportation do not: control. You are fully capable of deciding where you want to drive it, park it, or what stuff you want loaded in it. The JCBL Caravan comes with a BS-VI powertrain that is fed by a 160-litre diesel fuel tank, allowing you to drive around for hundreds of kilometres before needing a refill. And ‘you’ is certainly stressed here, since caravans don’t require a special licence to drive and can be maneuvered easily if you think of them as super massive SUVs.


  • What makes this luxury vehicle a delightful retreat?


JCBL already has an experience of providing top-class luxury in its mobility solutions, already proved with their wide range of luxury buses and SAVs. No doubt that the Caravan might be anything less. It comes standard with a whole lounge area with recliners that you can relax in after a long drive or a trek into the mountains. Need to enjoy the weather? No problem! Just pull up the foldable tables and chairs, extend the awning, and enjoy a nice bonfire under the night sky. When you’re done with your day, you can pull up the sheets in any of the bunk beds with pure cotton mattresses as the mood lights set the scene for a restful snooze.


  • Does it pack enough power?


Besides a well-suited, high-torque BS-VI powertrain, the JCBL Caravan also comes with a silent 7.5 KVA gen set along with auxiliary and backup batteries. Keeping in mind the recent tourism development projects in India, a lot of focus is put on traversing the environment while not disturbing it. The 36-litre ad blue tank ensures that the emissions are well under control. Additionally, the batteries allow for major electrical systems to operate and power your mobile devices without issues. If needed, the silent gen set can be turned on for air conditioning, with no disruption to the natural sound or scaring away any wildlife.


  • What creature comforts does the JCBL Caravan offer?


Speaking of air conditioning, there is a lot more that can help you feel right at home in the JCBL Caravan. There is a fully-equipped kitchenette, complete with a refrigerator and a microwave. The FR grade wooden flooring is nice to let your feet down after a tiring day. The bathroom is also a niche little area with Italian marble flooring and aluminium composite sides. There are separate tanks for fresh, gray, and black water along with a roof-mounted rain shower that grants you the best game for the day ahead.


  • Is the Caravan safe for tourist travels?

If there is one thing that Daimler takes seriously with all its vehicles, it is safety. JCBL has been keen to live up to that standard. The overhangs on the chassis are designed in tandem with the suspension, so that the overall tipping and roll-over angles are very high compared to other vehicles of similar size. This makes it easier to roll up steep inclines with confidence. The Caravan is also equipped with standard dual-line ABS and hydraulic power steering to keep the driver in control at all times. And it is not just your safety, either. The parking and security cameras let you be aware of the surroundings, ensuring no unfortunate creature bites the dust down under.

Overall, the excellent build is a perfect merger of luxury, safety, and performance in a package that is pleasant to look at and easy to handle. Now that caravan parks are set to become a common site throughout India, you can expect to see more of these available for rent at your favourite travel agency. JCBL has really taken the tourism industry in a bold new direction with this innovative new product. Well, now we also hope that many other caravan manufacturers are likely to step up and offer their takes for the initiative as well.



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