Top 5 Factors To Consider When Choosing An Ambulance Manufacturer In The Country

The recent situation in India has put a lot of eyes on the country’s healthcare infrastructure. From the number of ICU beds to the medicine supply chains, everything related to the medical industry is in focus. Ambulance manufacturers in India have also been on the radar. For the rising number of patients, more healthcare vehicles need to be on the road to transport them and their needs as effectively as possible. While there is no one product that is standard across the board, there are many types of ambulances in India that are currently in operation, although many experts are skeptical of the fact that every single one of them is perfect for the job assigned to them.


Thus, hospitals and medical organizations have faced a few challenges in determining which vehicle suits them best. The fluidity of the pandemic situation has only exacerbated the scenario. However, there are a few key steps that can resolve the issue. Although there are a lot of things that need to be considered when placing an order with an ambulance manufacturer in India, here is a list of the top five factors that can narrow down the list pretty fast.


  • Proper Paperwork And Standard Certificates


As far as healthcare vehicles go, it is a priority to ensure that the manufacturer stands true to all the requirements and product norms established as per the concerned authority. Moreover, there should be adequate paperwork for all the specs and test limits for the ambulance. These may include weight capacity, engine type, wheelbase, among other things. As one of the premium ambulance manufacturers in India, JCBL can surely earn your trust in this regard. With AIS-125, TUV, ISO 9001:2015 certifications along with all necessary standards for mid-size and heavy vehicles, JCBL delivers nothing but the best quality vehicles to your service.


  • High Degree Of Customization


There are varying types of ambulances in India owing to the fact that every region has different requirements for healthcare. In addition to that, the changing scenario of health also calls for specific modifications in ambulances as required. For example, the recent COVID-19 pandemic demands that ambulances have more oxygen capacity. Such requirements can only be fulfilled when the manufacturer offers a high degree of customization, which JCBL surely does. The ambulances they manufacture can be catered to the specific needs of the region, even including intensive equipment such as ECG machines or ventilators.


  • Experience With Specialized Healthcare Vehicles

The major thing to notice about ambulance manufacturers in India is their venture into other specialized vehicles that can deliver medical care effectively to the people. JCBL has several such SAVs(Special Application Vehicles) that are designed to take the load off from the hospitals. Many of these specialized healthcare vehicles are currently in use, with some designs considered for manufacturing in the future. These include Blood Donation vans, COVID-19 mobile testing labs, mobile hospitals, and HMRI vans.


  • Focus On Value Over Cost

There is no price you can put on human life. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Certainly not the manufacturers that want to negotiate the prices before any of the specs are finalized. Most ambulance manufacturers in India are driven by profit which can be a red flag for the quality of ambulances they are supposed to deliver. Nothing like that will happen with JCBL. With a keen focus on value, the talented staff at JCBL first arrange all the pieces in the correct order before quoting any kind of price bracket. The medical needs should always be given priority and you should never leave out a minor piece of machinery just because it will save you a few bucks on the final product.


  • Ease Of Ambulance Maintenance And Repairs

Ambulances see a lot more miles than regular vehicles. Combine that with the added stress of all the equipment and you have a lot of things that could go wrong. That is why all types of ambulances in India require a regular, robust maintenance schedule with the repair shop close by for any emergencies. JCBL has a vast network of service centres across the nation that can cater to all ambulance maintenance needs as and when required. Our skilled team understands the value of every second the ambulance is off the road and delivers high-quality services without tiring out the clock hands.


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For a vehicle that is so important to the healthcare infrastructure of our country, it should deserve utmost care and consideration. There are few ambulance manufacturers in India that can truly live up to the expectations and figure out the details to get the best medical care rolling on the roads. JCBL is just that one-stop solution for all the needs. No matter what kind of medical services you want on your ambulance, JCBL can deliver them in a finely tuned package.

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