Top 5 Features In JCBL Ambulances That Should Be Present In All Ambulances Across The Country

August 09, 2021 Karan 0

The second wave of COVID that had swept across India opened our eyes to just how vulnerable our medical infrastructure is. The images of people lining up for oxygen, angry with the insane ambulance costs in India, and funeral pyres burning all through the night set in the perspective of what a pandemic is capable of. It is, therefore, more imperative than ever to revamp our medical facilities, starting with the first thing everyone goes to when someone falls ill: the Indian ambulance service.

Although there are several ambulance manufacturers in India, only a few are well-equipped enough to provide the quality necessary for something so rugged and crucial. JCBL is one of those few, manufacturing not just ambulances but also various Special Application Vehicles(SAVs) dedicated to the purpose of providing intense healthcare in case of medical emergencies. The ambulances by JCBL are not just highly reliable, but also pack a lot of features to assist with first-aid procedures. Let’s take a peek at them and find out why such advanced features belong in all ambulances across India.


  • Robust Powertrain And Chassis

Ever wonder how many people would receive much better care if the ambulance would have just arrived a few minutes sooner? A stable chassis and reliable powertrain go a long way in keeping medical care available to those in need at the right time. The first hour after an injury or major reaction is called the ‘Golden Hour’, which is when the patient should receive proper care. All JCBL ambulances have tried-and-tested diesel engines that provide the power to make it to every emergency in time. The chassis is built to the AIS 125 regulations, keeping great care for the safety and comfort of the passengers.


  • Examination Table/Chairs

When transporting a patient, the cabin must be kept clean and spacious. JCBL, being among the premiere ambulance manufacturers in India, equips all its ambulances with a large rear compartment, cozy for the patient and the attending EMTs as well. Along with sanitizer stations and glove kits, there are also hygienic examination tables and chairs so that the patient can be thoroughly monitored. The chassis even facilitates proper lighting and soundproofing for the cabin, so the patient doesn’t feel anxious or disturbed.


  • Oxygen Supply Regulators

Keeping in mind the recent events that have transpired across the nation, JCBL takes special care to equip every ambulance with a dual-outlet oxygen regulator. This is something that should be standard across all Indian ambulance services. Respiratory problems are second only to cardiovascular diseases in becoming the leading cause of medical emergencies in India, which means that more often than not a patient travelling in an ambulance would require a consistent, clean supply of oxygen. All JCBL ambulances utilize quality valves and containers that keep the flow of oxygen adequate for the patient. Also, the dials are specially designed to take quick readings when the ambulance is on the move.


  • ECG Machine

As mentioned earlier, cardiovascular diseases are the reason most medical calls take place in India. Thus, it must be something to focus on when transporting a patient. Considering the average ambulance cost in India, it is often these complex electronics that get the back end of the budget sheet. Many manufacturers either install faulty ECG equipment or take it out of the equation altogether. Not JCBL, though, as they have a 12-lead ECG machine with a digital display for every ambulance that leaves the assembly line. Moreover, a defibrillator kit is also kept handy just in case the patient suffers from a severe cardiac arrest.


  • Ergonomic Mechanisms

It is never certain that a patient can help their way up into the back of the ambulance without assistance. This is why ergonomic mechanisms for doors and stretchers should be a common feature of all Indian ambulance services. JCBL believes that to the core and, to the fact, designs all its ambulances with the convenience of the patients and staff in mind. The rear doors can be easily operated with one hand and there is plenty of entry space for a stretcher to be carried in/out at a fast pace. A step ladder and deployable ramp are also featured to make it easy for the physically disabled and critically injured to board.


With the third wave just around the corner, it is high time that responsive and rapid ambulance service is available to all citizens in need. With these key features, these life-saving vehicles can be made much more effective. Not only will the responders be able to keep up with the demand of the patients but can also provide a lot better care to those on board. These emergency medical staff members put a lot on the line each time they have to take a nearby call. It is they who deserve to be called true heroes and be rewarded with the assets that make the performance of their duty easier.

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